3.2M Gannet Pedal Kayak

Gannet Foot Pedal Kayak - Jungle

Gannet Foot Pedal Kayak - Jungle

RRP $2,499


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Gannet Foot Pedal Kayak - Storm

Gannet Foot Pedal Kayak - Storm

RRP $2,499


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Gannet 10 Foot Pedal Kayak

Gannet 10 is super sleek and stable foot-propelled kayak. Comes with a removable foot pedal drive unit that can go forward and backward. This unique foot pedal system is patent registered in Australia. With Gannet pedal powered kayak you can keep your hands free to do other things. Plus by using larger leg muscles to propel the kayak you exert less and go on pedaling for a longer period of time.

Gannet pedal fishing kayak is designed for serious Kayak fishermen as well as recreational family kayaking. Compared to big brand pedal kayaks, Gannet provides the best value when it comes to foot-powered Kayak.

Package Include:

  • 1x Kayak
  • 1x Kayak Seat
  • 1x Foot Pedal Drive
  • 1x Hand controlled Rudder

Standard Features:

  • Front Fishing lid
  • Sliding Rails
  • Big rubber Stopper
  • Drain plug
  • Eyes button
  • Carry handle
  • Rod holders
  • Bungee cord
  • Rudder system
  • Pedal system
  • Cover for pedal
  • Adjusted aluminum frame backseat


  • Length: 320cm
  • Width: 83.5cm
  • Depth: 43.5cm
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Paddlers: 1 Adult
  • Capacity: 140kg
  • Hull Material: High-Density Polyethylene