Nextgen 7 Kayak

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*Above video(s) for demonstration purposes only, please take necessary precautions while on the water


Package Includes:

  • 1x NextGen 7 Fishing Kayak
  • 1x Built-in Ergonomic Adjustable Backrest and Cushion
  • 1x Lightweight Two-pieces Floatable Paddle
  • 1x 360° Adjustable Rod Holder
  • 1x Pre-installed Track to Mount Rod Holder or Extra Gear
  • 2x Built-in Rod Holders
  • 1x 8' Storage Hatch
  • 2x Moulded Front and Back Handle for Easy Transportation
  • 1x 1m Paddle Leash

Optional Extras*:

Kayak’s unique design allows for several accessories to be installed with ease. 

  • Foot Traction Pad - For better Grip While Fishing Standing Up
  • Track Rails - To install Various Accessories such as GoPro, Fish Finder etc
  • Sun Shade - To protect from UV exposure
  • Kayak Cover - To protect from dust & crawlies

*Items listed above are sold separately.

Key Features:

  • Made from Premium Virgin (not Recycled) Roto Moulded UV Resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) from the UK, quality product which is built to last. HDPE is far superior in strength and durability than LLDPE.
  • Made from UV8 Stabilized plastic, perfect for Australian conditions. UV8 means protection for a total of 8000 hours. Given 6-8 hours of UV exposure a day, the Kayak colour and strength will last for 1000 days approximately.  That’s equivalent to 3 years of use every single day. Please note the UV index varies based on the location.
  • Aquadynamic shape with a V-shaped hull underneath, both in front and back, to ensure kayak tracks straight and move faster with less effort. 
  • Ideal for both recreational and fishing purposes. Kayak is best suited for lakes, rivers, dams, estuaries and harbours.  With these Kayaks, you can go where bigger boats can't such as kelp beds, reefs, mangrove shallows, coast cliff lines.
  • Ergonomic adjustable backrest and cushion

  • 2.2M Hull Length can fit in car or caravan for easy transportation

  • 8 Inch water-resistant storage hatches with a removable protective bag to keep valuables safe.

  • One meter long paddle leash so you’re not up the creek without a paddle
  • Large footrest area designed to greater control and comfort.
  • Large storage at the back of kayak along with Bungee cord for securing larger items.
  • Six scupper holes with drain plugs around the body of Kayak for easy drainage if needed.
  • Includes lightweight two-piece paddle (easy to store). It floats if dropped in water and can also be adjusted in three offset angles.
  • Kayaks come wrapped in bubble wrap and a plastic sheet to protect it during transport.
  • Kayaks are stackable, making it easier to transport two-three kayaks at a time.
  • Can be used by children as young as 5 years of age (under supervision).
  • Lightweight Kayak with weight just over 15Kgs, easier to handle by just one person. 
  • Two built-in and one 360º Swivel rod holder, plenty for even the most passionate fisherman.
  • Load capacity of 90Kgs; perfect for teens, small adult or seniors

  • Carry handles on each side with paddle holding straps.
  • Moulded Carry handles on the front and back for easy carriage while using a trolley.
  • Built-in bottle holder.

Why Buy From Us:

For 10 years, Kayaks2Fish has focused on one thing — allowing paddlers of any skill level to enjoy the thrill that comes from being surrounded by water and nature. The passion for kayaking, fishing and outdoors is what flows in our blood and we are passionate about bringing the products that are as good as, if not better, than the big brand stores at a price that doesn't break the bank.

  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Best value kayaks in Australia
  • Parts and after-sales support
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • Same day collection
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Hundreds of positive reviews online

Important: Always check local weather conditions and wear an approved life jacket when kayaking.
Please Note: Kayaks colours may vary slightly than depicted in images due to hand mixing of colours. There may be slight differences in design& paddle colour as we have several moulds to meet the high demand for our kayaks. The differences are only minor and do not impact the performance of kayaks.


Brand Kayaks2Fish
Model NextGen07
Material HDPE
Max Weight Capacity 90KG
Max User Weight 70KG
Hull Weight 15KG
Hull + Fixtures Weight 18.5kg
Length 220cm
Width 73cm
Height 36cm
Warranty(on Kayak Body) 3 Year
Warranty (on Kayak Parts) 3 Month
MPN NextGen07


How do I secure the seat to the kayak?

Here is a video outline the installation process for the seat:

Does the NextGen 7 come with a seat?

Yes, the NextGen 7 comes with an integrated backrest with a soft cushion that connects to the deck of the kayak.

Is the NextGen 7 compatible with a fishfinder?

Yes, the NextGen 7 can fit a track rail system that can support a fishfinder mount and a transducer arm.
A Deployment arm can be found here:
The Track Rail system can be found here:
An alternative Railblaza deployment arm can be found here:
The Railblaza base can be found here:

What are the main advantages of the NextGen 7?

What is the weight limit of the NextGen 7?

The NextGen 7 has a max user weight of 70Kg and a max weight capacity of 90Kg

What is the difference between max weight capacity and max user weight?

Max user weight refers to the person's weight when using the kayak.
Max weight capacity refers to the total weight of the user and gear distributed along the whole kayak.

Can the NextGen 7 be stacked?

Yes, the NextGen 7 can be stacked on roof racks. We recommend travelling with them stacked upside down.

Can the NextGen 7 fit a MaxDrive™ pedal system?

No, the NextGen 7 cannot fit a MaxDrive™.
The kayaks that can fit a MaxDrive™ are NextGen 11, Kronos, Pedalking 12 and the Pedalking 14.

Can you stand up in the NextGen 7?

The NextGen 7 is much easier to stand up in as it has a dedicated stand-up area that is purposely designed to provide increased balance when standing and can fit the traction pads
The traction pads can be found here:

How wide are the scupper holes in the NextGen 7?

The scupper holes are between 35-40mm wide. The scupper holes add rigidity to the structure of the kayak and also allow drainage for water on the deck.

Can the NextGen 7 fit a rudder?

No, the NextGen 7 cannot easily be fitted with a rudder.

Can I fit a cooler box into the back of a NextGen 7?

Yes, you can fit the 12L cooler box into the back storage.
The 12L cooler box can be found here:

Can I bring a child with me onboard?

The NextGen 7 does not have a dedicated area for a child to sit.
The NextGen1+1 is designed for an adult and a child to be on board together.

Is the swivel rod holder removable?

Yes, It easily comes out when the locking groove on the rod holder is lined up with the notch in the base.

Are the hatches on the NextGen 7 waterproof?

The hatches are water-resistant and can handle a splash but not being covered by water and/or submerged.

What size cover do I need for the NextGen 7?

A 2.2m cover is best for the NextGen 7. The cover can be found here:

What do HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE stand for?

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is softer and more flexible than HDPE. It also has a lower melting point (115° C) and is more transparent. Compared to HDPE, it is more likely to crack under stress.
  • Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a copolymer of ethylene and another longer olefin, which is incorporated to improve properties such as tensile strength or resistance to harsh environments.
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is rigid and durable and offers greater chemical resistance. Its higher melting point (135° C) allows it to withstand higher temperatures than LDPE. Its more crystalline structure also results in greater strength. It also has greater opacity which results in greater vibrancy and longer-lasting colour.