3M NextGen10 MKII Kayaks


2020 NEXTGEN 10 MKII Pro Fishing Kayak Package

Latest NextGen 10 Mark II model is the new and improved version of very popular NextGen 10 Kayak. See the full list of improvements below in the description.

Package Includes:

  • 1x NextGen 10 Mark II Fishing Kayak
  • 1x Luxury Vantage Aluminium Seat
  • 1x Lightweight Floatable Paddle
  • 1x Rudder System
  • 1x 360° Adjustable Rod Holder
  • 1x Multi-purpose centre console for Bait, Bottle Holder & Fishing Rod Holders with a fish measuring ruler
  • 4x Preinstalled Track Rails for installing GoPro, Fish Finder, Rod Holders etc.
  • 2x Built-in Rod Holders
  • 1x 1m Long Paddle Leash
  • 1x Mesh for Front Storage 

List of new and enhanced features:

  1. 6' Storage hatch in the rear. Angled in a unique way to enable storage of fishing rods and batteries inside the hull.
  2. High & Low position for Aluminium seat to improve comfort and create extra storage under the seat.
  3. 2x moulded rod holders (behind the seat, next to built-in rod holders) for trolling lines.
  4. Fishing rod resting grooves near the front storage for quick and safe storage. 
  5. 2x tracks near the front storage for mounting even more accessories
  6. 2x tracks near the rear storage for mounting flag & light poles, Go Pro etc. 
  7. No more moulded footrests, for not only increased comfort and flexibility but also to make Kayak look sleek. You can add traction pads to make it look even better.
  8. Improved rudder system with easier installing & launching mechanism and better performance. Improved cleat design as well.
  9. Ergonomic side handles (and rear handle) to distribute the carrying weight evenly on to the palm (not just the fingers).
  10. Improved paddle resting position to enable storing and taking off easier.
  11. Standing Support Frame ready. Making it easier to install standing frame (not supplied with the kayak).
  12. Improved mounting bar grooves in the rear storage area. Extra brass inserts to enable higher capacity motors.
  13. Increased weight capacity to enable larger individuals and carry more gear.

*Plus several more minor improvements. 


Optional Extras*:

Kayak’s unique design allows for several accessories to be installed with ease. 

  • Flag Whip and Pennant - For better visibility
  • Foot Traction Pad - For better grip while fishing standing up
  • Fishing Standing Support Frame - For better balance while fishing standing up
  • Sun Shade - To protect from UV exposure
  • Cooler Boxes - Designed specifically for our kayaks
  • Trolling Motor - Tired of paddling, hook up a battery and off you go
  • Tackle Boxes - Extra tackle boxes can be stored next to the seat area
  • Outriggers - Struggle to maintain the right balance (or worried about safety) then give stabilizers a try.

*Items listed above are sold separately.

Additional Features:

  • Specially designed groove with brass bolt inserts to easily install the motor bar and trolling motor.
  • Large footrest area designed for greater control and comfort.
  • Large storage at the back of kayak along with Bungee cord for securing larger items. Our cooler box fits perfectly in this area.
  • Two built-in and one 360º Swivel rod holder, plenty for even the most passionate fisherman.
  • Six scupper holes with drain plugs around the body of Kayak for easy drainage if needed.
  • Carry handles on each side with straps that can hold the paddle in place.
  • Carry handles on the front and back for easy carriage while using a trolley
  • Kayaks come wrapped in bubble wrap and a plastic sheet to protect it during transport.
  • Kayaks are stackable, making it easier to transport two-three kayaks at a time.


Why Buy From Us:

For 10 years, Kayaks2Fish has focused on one thing — allowing paddlers of any skill level to enjoy the thrill that comes from being surrounded by water and nature. The passion for kayaking, fishing and outdoors is what flows in our blood and we are passionate about bringing the products that are as good as, if not better, than the big brand stores at a price that doesn't break the bank. 

  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Best value kayaks in Australia
  • Parts and after-sales support
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Same day collection
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Hundreds of positive reviews online


  • Brand: Kayaks2Fish
  • Model: NextGen 10 Mark II
  • Material: HDPE
  • Max Weight Capacity: 185 KG
  • Max User Weight: 140 KG
  • Hull Weight: 25 KG
  • Hull + Fixtures Weight: 30 KG
  • Length: 302 CM
  • Width: 79 CM
  • Height: 34 CM
  • Warranty on Kayak body: 5 Years 
  • Warranty on Kayak parts: 3 Months


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