Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Kayak Store

When you’re looking to buy a kayak, you may well ask yourself, what makes a good kayak store? At Kayak2Fish we know that our store offers the best value for customers based on our expert advice, after-sales support, range of quality products and accessories, and available spare parts. We listen to the feedback provided by our customers and take on board changes that will help you make the best purchase.

Uncovering the best kayak store near me can be challenging, but we’ll offer some hints and tips in this article to help you make the right decision. If you’ve been looking for a kayak for some time, you may be familiar with the styles available and you’re ready to make that purchase. Most people are cautious when buying online, but choosing a company that is very well established with plenty of positive customer experiences is always a good option.

This article will cover many of the considerations you’ll need to make to choose the best kayak store near me, so you can order your kayak with confidence.

How to find a kayak store near me

Many years ago the easiest method to find a kayak store was to flip through your local paper or the yellow pages. But times have changed and now most people will search the internet to find the best kayak store. You can start your search by typing in ‘kayaks for sale’ and your city (or near me). For example, you may enter ‘Kayaks for sale in Melbourne’, and your search engine will find the most relevant answers.

In your search results, you should find the stores that are dedicated to selling kayaks and providing good advice for anyone new to the sport. Many big box stores will have a limited range, and they may not provide the best service. Many modern search engines will include reviews, and you can use these to uncover the experiences of other people.

One of the main benefits of purchasing through an online store is your access to spare parts and accessories. In some retail stores, getting spare parts or services beyond the initial sale can be challenging. When considering where to buy your kayaks from, you can ask about their after-sales and what it may entail. For example, what will happen if there is a warranty issue, or if something is broken during regular use, can you get a replacement part?

What to look for in a kayak store

Everyone may have an idea of what makes a good kayak store. If you need help getting the kayak home, do they offer delivery? Are they operating in Australia, or are the kayaks shipped directly from an overseas warehouse? Can you add items to your order, or can you only buy the kayak?

In our experience of operating an online kayak store, our customers look for a quality product that is priced right, and where you get exceptional after-sales service. Kayaking is considered a hobby, and you can add all sorts of accessories to your kayak to make your time on the water perfect.

What's the best online store for kayaks?

The best online store for kayaks is one that delivers on what they say they will. At Kayaks2Fish, we regularly update our stock listings based on what is available at our warehouses. You can look at all the kayaks we have available in the closest kayak store near your location. 

In our store, we’ll also show what items are arriving soon and the expected date of arrival. Listing our kayaks in this way gives you more options when deciding on which kayak is best for you. If there’s a certain colour you’re interested in, you can go ahead and order it and we’ll notify you when it has arrived.

You can also check any recent reviews, paying particular attention to how problems were resolved and other peoples experiences when making a purchase. The best stores will offer excellent after-sales support, replacement parts, and other accessories. When deciding on an online store, it’s important to find one that does have a physical location and a nominated service phone number.

You can also see if the business is registered (usually as a pty ltd company) and displays a valid ABN. A reputable online store will also take many different forms of payment and you can choose the one you feel most comfortable using. On the store’s website, you should be able to find all this information easily.

Buying a kayak with interest-free terms

Kayaks are often considered a large purchase and for some people, interest-free terms can make the process a little easier. At Kayak2Fish, we have several payment options and you can choose the one that suits you. If you’re looking for lay-by terms we can accommodate that through phone orders. All lay-bys are subject to our terms and conditions. 

Buying things online is made very easy through all the different options available to you. We will accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Zip Pay, Afterpay, and pay pal. You can also use direct deposit to complete your purchase. All payment options are subject to their particular terms and conditions, and you can choose which is more suitable at the checkout.

The easiest way to ship bulky goods

All the prices quoted for our kayaks are based on collection at our warehouse locations. Kayaks are considered bulky goods and can be shipped to your door. On our website, you’ll find a calculator to see how much shipping will cost per kayak.

If you’d prefer to arrange your own shipping this is possible, but your courier will need all the documents when they arrive at our warehouse location. When arranging for your own courier, make sure they have suitable insurance to cover you if any damages occur during transport.

FAQ about finding the best kayak store in Australia

Buying a kayak online

What's the best kayaking store in Australia?

Well, Kayaks2Fish is of course! The best kayaking store is the one that does exactly what they say they will. When looking for kayaks, you can easily see what is available at any of our collection warehouses. After you place an order we’ll keep you updated if there are any additional delays for back-ordered stock, and you can call for an update on your order at any time. 

Can I ship a kayak to my home?

Yes, shipping is available through Kayaks2Fish. While it is best to collect your kayak directly from our warehouse, we know this is not suitable for everyone. We can arrange for a courier to take your kayak to you.

How much does it cost to ship a kayak?

All the shipping charges are calculated based on your postcode. You can enter your postcode at any time and we’ll show you the shipping charges based on that particular kayak. 

Is it safe to buy a kayak online?

Provided you buy through a reputable company then buying a kayak online is very safe. You can tell a reputable company online, as they’ll provide all their business details online in an easy to find space (usually under the About section). If you can’t find information, such as an ABN or a contact address, then it may be best to shop elsewhere.

How do I choose the right kayak?

You can browse through all our kayaks, and read through the details provided. Think about the types of activities you’d like to do with your kayak. Decide if you after a single or tandem kayak. You can also find many videos that provide walkthroughs of the kayaks and that can give you an insight into the accessories included.

Kayaking sales support

What do I do if I have a problem with my kayak?

If you unpack your kayak after you arrive home and notice something missing, start by checking all the bubble wrap. Occasionally some screws may come loose when kayaks are transported, but the parts will be in the wrapping. If something is broken or missing, please call our team and we’ll arrange for a replacement.

Where can I buy kayaking accessories?

In the Kayaks2Fish online store, you’ll find a huge range of kayaking accessories. We only select the best accessories and include those that will work well with our kayaks. Our team is available, and you can call any time to discuss what you need.

What's the best way to transport a kayak?

Vehicle roof racks are the easiest way to transport a kayak. However, if you have a standard trailer this will also work well. You may find that a kayak will fit into most Utes, trucks and vans.

Can I collect a kayak myself?

Yes. Collecting your kayak is an excellent way to save some money as you won’t pay any shipping charges. When you’re notified in an email that your kayak is ready, you can drive to our warehouse and collect your kayaks. 

Can I ask a question before buying a kayak?

Absolutely! We want our customers to have the best kayaking experience and a part of that is getting the right kayak for you from the start.