Warranty Information


Kayaks2Fish extends the following limited warranty to the original retail consumer only. This warranty shall be effective from the date of purchase via our website or a Kayaks2Fish store. Claims can only be made under this warranty by the person who originally purchased the product. Once the original seller transfers ownership of the product to another person the warranty is void. The purchase receipt or invoice must be provided with other claim details.


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

All Kayaks comes with a minimum of one year (or longer as specified on product pages) warranty. This warranty covers kayak hull and material defects in workmanship in your new Kayaks2Fish products. This warranty has its limits, terms, and conditions when making any warranty claims. 

This warranty applies only to products purchased from Kayaks2Fish during the periods shown below:

  • Osprey Kayak: 1 Year if purchased before 5th Nov 2019 else 3 Years 
  • Eagle Kayak: 1 Year if purchased before 5th Nov 2019 else 3 Years
  • EaglePro Kayak: 1 Year if purchased before 5th Nov 2019 else 3 Years
  • Merlin Kayak: 3 Years
  • Merlin Pro Kayak: 3 Years
  • NextGen 09 Kayak: 3 Years if purchased before 5th Nov 2019 else 5 Years
  • NextGen 10 Kayak: 5 Years
  • NextGen 10 Mark II Kayak: 5 Years
  • NextGen 11 Kayak: 5 Years
  • NextGen 11.5 Kayak: 5 Years
  • NextGen 7 Kayak: 5 Years
  • NextGen 1+1 Kayak: 5 Years
  • Puffin Kayak: 1 Year
  • ProPuffin Kayak: 1 Year
  • Oceanus Kayak: 1 Year if purchased before 5th Nov 2019 else 3 Years
  • Pelican Kayak: 1 Year
  • Gannet Kayak: 1 Year
  • Orca 12 Kayak: 1 Year
  • Orca Triton Kayak: 5 Years
  • Orca Kronos Kayak: 5 Years
  • Falcon Kayak: 1 Year
  • Xlite Kayak: 3 Years
  • Sonic Skiff Kayak: 3 Years
  • Pedal King 12 Kayak: 5 Years
  • Pedal King 14 Kayak: 5 Years
  • Max-Drive Pedal System: 1 Year
  • K-Drive Pedal System: 1 Year
  • Fixtures and Fittings on Kayaks such as hatches, rod holders etc:  3 Months
  • Accessories purchased separately such as Trolleys, Motors ec : 1 Year

When you receive your goods we expect you to inspect them before use. Where a fault is clearly visible we expect you to report it to us BEFORE YOU USE THE GOODS. If you report a fault that is clearly visible after using the goods we will assume the fault was caused by usage, meaning the warranty would not apply to the said fault. Any modifications or alterations made to the hull of the kayak will void the warranty.



  • Normal wear and tear ( including dents, abrasions, areas worn thin) or as a result of abuse or poor maintenance
  • Damage caused by any alterations (other than those carried out by Kayaks2Fish), modifications, storage or anchorage to kayak
  • Damage caused by scupper hole trolleys (those trolleys with spigots that insert into kayak scuppers)
  • Damage caused by stake-out poles, or other objects placed in scupper holes
  • Damage during transportation of kayaks; significant or incidental damage to kayak and/or personal property
  • Accessories installed on the Kayak (such as hatches, rudders etc) are only covered up to 3 months from the date of purchase
  • Damage due to the failure following procedures and instructions provided
  • Kayaks used for commercial use, such as kayak hire or/and the like
  • Claims made by persons other than the person who made the purchase
  • Product used for any activity other than an activity that is normal for this type of product
  • Damages to fixtures, fittings, parts or gear, purchased with the kayak regardless of whether the gear was purchased as part of a kayak package deal or individually
  • Products sold "as is", refurbished, demo or display items
  • Damage caused by heat, extreme weather or environmental conditions
  • Damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Damage caused by improper storage, maintenance or care
  • Damage caused by accident, neglect, improper use or handling
  • Damage caused by sharp objects or dragging over rough surfaces
  • Damage caused by being towed by power or sailboats
  • Damaged caused by stresses beyond the physical limits of the kayak’s material

Please note the warranty does not also cover:

  • Travel and /or other expenses incurred to make the warranty claim
  • Cost of returning the product to Kayaks2Fish and for the cost of having it delivered to you after the repair, exchange or refund (as the case may be)
  • Any loss directly or indirectly associated with the product failing to operate
  • Damage caused by misuse, incorrect operation, adverse weather and accidents
  • Cosmetic defects such as surface pitting, pin-holes, colour variations or minor weld marks.
  • Damages caused by transport companies when paid and arranged by you (The only exception is when you paid us to arrange for delivery, in that case, we will cover for any damages during transit. You still be responsible for returning the item back to us and pay another delivery fees for replacement shipment. If you paid us to arrange delivery to another courier company then we only cover that part for any damages. Any damage incurred during the second and future leg of the trip will not be covered)

In no event, Kayaks2Fish is liable for incidental, compensatory, punitive, consequential, indirect, special, or other damages. Kayaks2Fish have no liability for any loss or injury caused, in whole or in part, by its actions, omissions, or negligence, or for contingencies beyond its control. Kayaks2fish aggregate liability with respect to a defective product is limited to an amount equal to your original purchase price paid that defective product. 


If you encounter a fault that you deem falls under this warranty you must immediately cease to use the product and inform us within 7 days. To make a warranty claim visit this page and submit all required information. You can also email to email support@kayaks2fish.com. In your email include:

  • Invoice or proof of purchase
  • A detailed description of the problem
  • Photos and/or videos
  • Hull Identification Number (located near the right side of rear storage area) if any

Once all the information is received it may take us up to 7 days to assess and get back to with a resolution. 


In the event that a claim against this warranty is granted, Kayaks2Fish reserves the right to choose whether the final warranty resolution is repair, replacement or refund. All cost to return the kayak/accessory is at the owner's expense. You must also bring the kayak/accessory back to us within 7 days for assessment.

If we deem that the fault can be repaired it may take us up to 14 days to test and repair the kayak/accessory. You will be required to collect the repaired kayak from a Kayaks2Fish facility. Any transportation of the repaired  kayak/accessory back to your location will be arranged at your expense. The warranty period for the repaired kayak/accessory shall be only the remaining portion of the original warranty period applicable to such kayak/accessory.

If we deem that the fault can't be repaired then we will provide a replacement. The replacement kayak/accessorycan be refurbished or new, in the same colour or different, depending on the stock at hand at the time. In case there is no stock of any kind, then it could take us up to 8 weeks to get the item back in stock. You will be required to collect the replacement kayak/accessory from a Kayaks2Fish facility. Any transportation of the replacement  kayak/accessory back to your location will be arranged at your expense. The warranty period for the replacement kayak/accessory shall be only the remaining portion of the original warranty period applicable to such kayak/accessory.

If we deem that fault can't be repaired and a replacement can't be provided then we will offer a full refund of the amount paid minus any transport cost that incurred to send the kayak/accessory to you at the time of purchase