K2F Side Tracks for NextGen 1+1 Kayaks

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Side Tracks for NextGen 1+1 Kayaks - Kayaks2Fish

Accessorise your NextGen 1+1 Kayak with the set of sidetracks.

Come in a set of 6 tracks with screws, kayak shown is not included.


Brand Kayaks2Fish
Weight 0.25kg


Does my kayak come with pre-installed tracks?

Some pro fishing kayaks come with pre-installed Tracks and/or Heavy Duty Tracks like NG10, NG10 MKII, TRITON, KRONOS, NG11, PK12, PK14.
For standard kayaks do not come with Tracks and/or Heavy Duty Tracks, nonetheless, there are designated locations and/or flat surfaces on the kayaks that allow the installation of Tracks and/or Heavy Duty Tracks. For example, NG09, NG1+1, NG07, Osprey, Eagle 12, Eagle 12 Pro, Puffin and Puffin Pro.

When I install tracks on my kayak do I need to use some kind of waterproofing.

When any drilling is required for an installation, it is best practice for you to waterproof any drilled holes by using the appropriate silicon like Sikaflex® 291, Marine Goop and Duct Seal as examples.

What can I mount to a track system?

There isn't much you cannot mount to a track system but the most common things are:

  • Fishfinders
  • Rod holders
  • Flags
  • Phone/tablet holders
  • Tool bags