About Us

Challenging the Status Quo
Kayaks2Fish was born out of frustration 10 years ago, of not being able to afford a Kayak. Back then the Kayak prices at the big brand stores were in thousands. Since then we have focused on one thing — allowing paddlers of any skill level to enjoy the thrill that comes from being surrounded by water and nature. The passion for kayaking, fishing and outdoors is what flows in our blood and we are passionate about bringing the products that are as good as, if not better, than the big brand stores at a price that doesn't break the bank.
Our aim is simply to provide top quality fishing kayaks at the lowest possible prices so that more people can enjoy kayak fishing.
How can we provide top quality fishing kayaks so much cheaper than competitors?
Big brand stores typically buy from local distributors, they, in turn, have agents overseas that work with various manufacturing factories. Each entity in this process adds a markup on the price and in the end, all that cost is passed on to the consumer. 
We work directly with the factories and cut out all the middlemen. That way bringing the prices down by hundreds of dollars.
Along with this, we have perfected a streamlined operating method, by using a lot of automation of repetitive tasks. It helps us to minimize our operating costs. Also, our shops are not fancy showrooms, they are primarily warehouses with a display area for Kayaks. 

Our goal is straightforward; minimize operating cost, increase product quality and provide excellent customer service.

The result of following this mantra has been outstanding, customers love us and they helped by spreading the word for us. Our business is purely built on word of mouth and it continues to grow year by year just on those good words.
Our near-term focus to bring a wider range of Kayaks for kids, families and pro fishermen. In long run, we hope to expand and reach out to customers who are into a range of outdoor recreational activities such as camping, fishing and 4x4.