NextGen Kermit Walker Fishing Lure 60mm

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*Above video(s) for demonstration purposes only, please take necessary precautions while on the water. Features and prices may vary.


NextGen Kermit Walker Fishing Lure 60mm

Introducing the NextGen Kermit Walker Fishing Lure 60mm, a must-have for any angler looking to reel in big catches! This proven and effective design combines innovative features with expert craftsmanship, making it an essential tool for your fishing adventures. The Kermit Walker imitates the actions of an injured bird floundering at the surface, attracting fish like Mangrove Jacks, Jungle Perch, Redfin, Bream, Barramundi, Bass and Cod.

Crafted specifically for Australian conditions and extensively tested by professionals in the field, this lure is built to withstand tough environments while delivering exceptional performance. Its adjustable metal wings create a unique swimming-crawling motion that entices predatory fish into striking. With its smooth surface action and prominent splashing presentation accompanied by a steady "plopping" sound effect on impact with water surfaces, you can be sure that no predator will resist taking a bite!

This compact yet powerful lure packs quite a punch! It comes equipped with high-quality BKK treble hooks ensuring secure hook-ups every time you cast out into waters teeming with hungry predators.

Whether you're targeting Mangrove Jacks lurking around mangroves or searching for elusive Barramundi hiding near submerged structures – the lure has got you covered! Designed to generate maximum topwater disturbance without sacrificing durability or functionality, it's perfect not only as bait but also as part of your tackle box essentials collection.

Don't miss out on landing those trophy-sized catches anymore – upgrade your fishing gear today with the NextGen Kermit Walker Fishing Lure 60mm!


  • Unique Design: Acts like a hurt bird on water, getting fish to bite.
  • Metal Wings: Makes it half-swim, half-crawl for a special show.
  • Sound Effect: Makes a "plop" sound that fish can't resist.
  • Top Colours: Comes in shades fish love most.
  • Big Splash: Makes waves on water to draw fish in.
  • Strong Hook: Has a BKK treble hook to grip fish well.


  • Brand: NextGen
  • Weight: 12.5 gm
  • Size: 60 mm
  • Motion: Half swimming, half crawling
  • Metal Wings: Precisely tuned for action
  • Sound: “plopping” acoustic

Package Includes:

  • NextGen Kermit Walker Fishing Lure 60mm

Warning & Disclaimer:

  • Safe Usage: Always handle the lure with care, especially when removing it from a fish to avoid injury from the hook.
  • Storage: Store out of the reach of children and pets due to sharp hooks.
  • Environmental Care: Do not leave the lure in natural water bodies. If lost, it can harm aquatic life.
  • Disclaimer: NextGen is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage caused by misuse of the product. Always use as instructed and maintain awareness of your surroundings while fishing.
  • Note: The product's effectiveness may vary based on environmental conditions, type of fish, and individual usage techniques.
  • Product Variation: Actual colours of the product may vary slightly from the images due to monitor settings or lighting conditions.


  • Brand: NextGen
  • Weight: 12.5 gm
  • Size: 60 mm
  • Motion: Half swimming, half crawling
  • Metal Wings: Precisely tuned for action
  • Sound: “plopping” acoustic


Is the lure suitable for all types of water?

Yes, it's designed for both fresh and saltwater conditions.


How do I adjust the metal wings on the lure?

The metal wings are precision-tuned and don't require manual adjustments.


Can it be used in different weather conditions?

Yes, it performs well in both sunny and overcast conditions.


How long will the lure last with regular use?

With proper care, it's built to last and withstand tough fishing conditions.


Is it suitable for both beginners and professional anglers?

Yes, its design caters to both novices and experienced fishermen.