3M Pelican Sit In Kayaks

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3m Sit-in Recreational Kayak Package (Blue)
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3m Sit-in Recreational Kayak Package (Red)


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pelican Sit-In Kayak
  • 1 x Padded Backrest
  • 1 x Lightweight Paddle
  • 1 x Paddle Leash
  • 1 x Cargo Net

Key Features:

  • Go mobile on the water with the SF-1004, a great starter recreational kayak to help you fall in love with the sport.
  • The stable SF-1004 includes an adjustable padded backrest with seat cushion, front storage hatch and rear storage platform with cargo net, and more.
  • Weighing only 17.2kg (38lbs), the SF-1004 is as easy to transport as it is to paddle.  
  • Polyethylene blow molding process makes it weight super light.
  • Slim hull shape, the typical length makes it move fast and extremely efficient.
  • The rocket head and arch design ensures its maneuverability and easily breaking the waves.
  • The kayak includes an adjustable padded backrest, front bungee and rear storage platform with cargo net, also it provides a storage hatch, all designed to make you comfortable and convenient while paddling.


  • Length: 304cm (10ft)
  • Width: 71cm (28in)
  • Depth: 34cm (13.3in)
  • Weight: 17.2kg
  • Paddlers: 1 Adult
  • Capacity: 125kg (275lb)
  • Hull Material: HDPE


Important: Always check local weather conditions and wear an approved life jacket when kayaking.
Please Note: Kayaks colours may vary slightly than depicted in images due to hand mixing of colours. There may be slight differences in design as we have several moulds to meet the high demand for our kayaks. The differences are only minor and do not impact the performance of kayaks.