K2F New Model Kayak Trolley for Sit on Top Kayaks with Straps [Delivered]

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*Above video(s) for demonstration purposes only, please take necessary precautions while on the water


New Model Kayak Trolley for Sit on Top Kayaks with Straps - Kayaks2Fish

This kayak trolley makes transporting kayak from your vehicle to the water easier and hassle free. It is designed to hold kayak up to 30kg

Large 25cm diameter flat free tyres provide stable support on uneven terrain which is especially useful in sandy areas. Straps are also included to secure your kayak onto the cart. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily - in less than one minute. And a clever, well thought-through design means the disassembled kayak will be able to be stored neatly in the kayak storage compartment whilst you are out on the water.

Key Features

•  Lightweight compact construction, yet very sturdy and durable
•  Heavy duty rustproof marine-grade anodised aluminium frame
•  Tapered scupper grippers to suit different sized scupper holes
•  Easy to adjust, to suit a wide range of kayaks and canoes
•  Adjustable middle bar - Width of the arms adjust from 100mm to 335mm (centre to centre)
•  Guaranteed to track straight unlike many other types of kayak trolleys
•  Large non-pneumatic tyres (no air needed), 250 x 70mm, great on sand, gravel and road
•  Trolley is completely collapsible within seconds, with removable wheels for storage or to fit into the rear hatch of your kayak or in your car
•  Quick release clips to quickly and easily remove wheels, hassle free
•  Supplied in a flat pack box.
•  No more lugging your kayak to and from the water’s edge again!

•  Load capacity: 30kg Max.
•  Overall Width: 285 to 520mm (including wheels)
•  Adjustable arm width: 100mm to 335mm (centre to centre)
•  Height: 510mm
•  Weight: 2.6 kg Net



Brand Kayaks2Fish
Weight 3kg


How do I safely transport the kayak on the trolley?

To safely transport the kayak with a trolley please ensure that the kayak is strapped down firmly with the included strap and cannot shift or bounce when being used.
When using a SOT trolley please ensure that the scupper plugs are removed and the spikes are as far in as they can go until the expanded section is resting on the hull of the kayak.

Do I have to use the strap when using the SOT trolley?

The strap is required to correctly use the trolley. Without the strap, the kayak can bounce on the trolley and puncture the side of the holes. This event is not covered under warranty.
For more information on the warranty please visit: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/warranty

Do you sell scupper hole type trolleys but with balloon wheels?

Unfortunately, we don't have any scupper trolley with balloon wheels.
We do sell the Heavy Load Beach Sand Kayak Trolley which comes with balloon wheels.
The trolley can be viewed here:
A heavy-duty version of the scupper hole trolley for larger kayak can be found here:

Will the Sit on Top trolley fit my kayak?

Our Sit on top trolley will fit kayaks that have scupper holes at least 2.5cm in diameter and the span between 7.5cm to 35cm(distance between the scupper holes).
Note: if you're planning to use the trolley to transport a load that is more than 30kg (kayak + accessories) and longer than 3m, then we strongly suggest you get the Heavy Duty version of the SOT Trolley.
Which can be found here:

Can I stack kayaks on top of the trolley?

We do not recommend stacking kayaks onto a single trolley. It can lead to kayak damage.

What Trolley best suits my kayak?

  • Pro puffin, Osprey, NG09, NG10, NG10 MKII, NG1+1: all trolleys are compatible with these kayaks.
  • Triton: Beach Trolley (this is the only one that is best suited for Triton due to the Tri-hull bottom design of the kayak)
  • PK12, PK14, Kronos, NG11: go with Heavy Duty Trolleys like the CTUG, Sea To Summit SOT Trolley or Beach Trolley because the frames are designed and made to handle large kayaks. The wheels can be used on all-terrain so your adventure is not limited to places with a parking lot nearby.
  • Bonafide RS117; SS107; SS127: Due to the modified pontoon bottom hull design, the Beach Trolleys and the CTUG are the only 2 trolleys that would fit these Bonafide kayaks. On top of that, the frame is durable enough to handle these larger kayaks.

Where can I store my trolleys when I'm on the water?

With the SOT/scupper hole trolleys (Sea To Summit SOT, SOT V2): the prongs are put through the hole, upside down on a kayak. You can also use bungees to hold down the trolleys.
With the Foldable Trolleys (Beach Trolley, Foldable Trolley; CTUG): these trolleys can be folded or quickly taken apart so they are more compact to be stored at the stern and bow and secured by using bungees or storage net/mesh. In some special cases, these trolleys can even be stored inside of a kayak if there is a big enough access (like the bow hatch of the Kronos; Bonafide SS127; Bonafide SS107)