K2F Compact Trolley

Lightweight, Durable Design for Outdoor Adventures

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K2F Car Roof Rack Mounted Kayak Canoe Carrier Holder K2F Car Roof Rack Mounted Kayak Canoe Carrier Holder

K2F Compact Trolley for Easy Kayak Transport

Introducing the K2F Compact Trolley, your ultimate solution for hassle-free kayak transportation! Say goodbye to struggling with heavy kayaks and hello to effortless portability. Designed by Kayaks2Fish, this compact trolley is a must-have accessory for all kayaking enthusiasts.

With its easy assembly and disassembly feature, you can conveniently carry this lightweight trolley on your kayak without any added bulk or inconvenience. The design of the trolley is tailored explicitly for tri-man hull kayaks like the popular NextGen 11, NextGen 11.5, and Orca Triton models. It features two supporting beams that run horizontally with straps at each end to tie down your kayak securely during transport – no more worrying about wear and tear on scupper holes!

The product boasts a sturdy construction that ensures durability while remaining incredibly portable when folded or disassembled – measuring 50 cm long! Its large wheel diameter of 27 cm allows smooth rolling over various terrains so you can effortlessly maneuver through car parks or beaches until you reach the water's edge.

This versatile product solves one common problem every avid paddler faces. How to easily transport their beloved kayak from point A to B without physically straining themselves? With the trolley as part of your gear arsenal, carrying around even heavier kayaks becomes an absolute breeze!

Don't let cumbersome logistics dampen your love for exploring new waters anymore - invest in the convenience offered by this reliable K2F Compact Trolley today! Get yours today!

K2F Car Roof Rack Mounted Kayak Canoe Carrier Holder K2F Car Roof Rack Mounted Kayak Canoe Carrier Holder


  • Easy Assembly & Disassembly: Simple to set up and pack away for convenient transport.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs only 6.3 kg, making it easy to carry and handle.
  • Compact Size: Measures just 50 cm when folded or disassembled for easy storage.
  • Large Wheels: 27 cm diameter wheels for smooth movement over different terrains.
  • Support Beams: Two horizontal beams with straps ensure secure kayak transport.
  • Tri-Man Hull Compatibility: Ideal for specific kayak models like NextGen 11 and Orca Triton.


  • Brand: Kayaks2Fish
  • UPC: 680220226116
  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Wheel Diameter: 27 cm
  • Length (Folded/Disassembled): 50 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x K2F Compact Trolley
  • 2 x Supporting Beams
  • 2 x Straps for Kayak Securing

Warning & Disclaimer:

  • Weight Capacity: Do not exceed the recommended weight limit for safe operation.
  • Proper Assembly: Ensure all parts are securely assembled before use to avoid accidents.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check for any wear or damage to maintain safety.
  • Usage Terrain: Use on suitable terrains as rough surfaces may impact functionality.
  • Disclaimer: The manufacturer is not liable for damage or injury resulting from improper use or negligence.
  • Adult Supervision: Children should be supervised when near the trolley to prevent accidents.


  • Brand: Kayaks2Fish
  • UPC: 680220226116
  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Wheel Diameter: 27 cm
  • Length (Folded/Disassembled): 50 cm


How do I safely transport the kayak on the trolley?

To safely transport the kayak with a trolley please ensure that the kayak is strapped down firmly with the included strap and cannot shift or bounce when being used.

When using a SOT trolley please ensure that the scupper plugs are removed and the spikes are as far in as they can go until the expanded section is resting on the hull of the kayak.

Do I have to use the strap when using the SOT trolley?

The strap is required to correctly use the trolley. Without the strap, the kayak can bounce on the trolley and puncture the side of the holes. This event is not covered under warranty.

For more information on the warranty please visit: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/warranty

Will the Sit on Top trolley fit my kayak?

Our Sit on top trolley will fit kayaks that have scupper holes at least 2.5cm in diameter and the between 7.5cm to 35cm(distance between the scupper holes).

Note: if you're planning to use the trolley to transport a load that is more than 30kg (kayak + accessories) and longer than 3m, then we strongly suggest you get the Compact trolley.

Which can be found here: https://k2f.com.au/s/clc

Can I stack kayaks on top of the trolley?

We do not recommend stacking kayaks onto a single trolley. It can lead to kayak damage.

What Trolley best suits my kayak?

Where can I store my trolleys when I'm on the water?

With the SOT/scupper hole trolleys (Sea To Summit SOT, SOT V2): the prongs are put through the hole, upside down on a kayak. You can also use bungees to hold down the trolleys.

With the Foldable Trolleys (Beach Trolley, Foldable Trolley, CTUG, Compact Trolley): these trolleys can be folded or quickly taken apart so they are more compact to be stored at the stern and bow and secured by using bungees or storage net/mesh. In some special cases, these trolleys can even be stored inside of a kayak if there is a big enough access.