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*Above video(s) for demonstration purposes only, please take necessary precautions while on the water


 K-Rack Kayak Loader - Kayaks2Fish

The K-RACK Kayak loader is an affordable, clever system that has been designed to help you load and unload your kayak effortlessly.

Suitable for most kayaks & Canoes. Including Sea Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks and Recreational Sit On top Kayaks.

Suitable for Sedans & Hatchback or SUV vehicles. Takes less than 60 secs to set up for use

Small enough to stow in the vehicle permanently when not in useā€¦ keep it where you need it, when you need it!

Sold as a pair, the moulded cradles on the K-RACK have been designed to accommodate most hull shapes, guiding them onto and off the roof racks with ease.
Each K-RACK comes with two suction cups which offer a secure mount when fitted correctly. Load & unload without risk of damaging your kayak or vehicle.

Refer to these videos to see if K-Rack is suitable for your needs:

K-Rack Easy loader for Kayaks and Canoes

K-RACK Kayak Loader for Sedan Vehicles

K-RACK Easy Kayak Loader for Hatchback & SUV Vehicles

K-Rack Kayak Loader Assembly Guide


Brand K-Rack
Weight 3kg


How does the K-Rack work?

The K-rack suction cups to your back window and roof and allows you to place the nose of the kayak onto the first K-rack and to grab the end of the kayak to slide up onto the roof racks eliminating some of the awkwardness of lifting a kayak by yourself.
A demonstration on how to use the suction cups can be found here:

How do I assemble the Krack?

The instruction video can be found here:

Which kayaks work best with the K-rack?

The Osprey, NG09, Oceanus and Eagle are most suitable for this loader as it is most effective with kayaks that have a V-shaped hull.

I have a kayak with a flat hull what loader will be suitable for me?

We recommend the rack and roll for kayaks with flat hulls. They can be found here: