What is a Backorder?

When an item is out of stock and we don't have an exact ETA for the shipment, then the item goes on Backorder. Once the shipment is planned and it is assigned a date then the order goes from Backorder to Preorder. It allows you to order items in advance and get ahead in the queue, as most of the items such as Kayaks get sold out even before they arrive at the stores.

What is a Preorder?

Kayaks go on the preorder for the upcoming shipments. Due to the high demand for our Kayaks, they are sold out even before the shipment arrives. So it is best to place an order sooner than later to lock in the color and price. 

What is difference between Backorder and Preorder?

An item is assigned a backorder status when there is no exact shipment arrival date. Once we have a confirmed ETA, then the item goes from Backorder to Preorder. At each stage, as the shipment progresses you will be notified by email and SMS. 

How do I know if my Kayak has arrived?

Kayak shipment usually arrives within a couple of days (plus or minus) of the advertised date. Once the Kayaks are unloaded and become available for pick up, we will notify you via email and SMS.

Where can I find my order number?

Your order/invoice number can be found on the top right hand corner of your receipt.

Please have this handy when contacting us.

Can Payment be made at Warehouses?

The only warehouses that accepts payment at the time of pick up are Newcastle and Sydney . For other warehouses the payment needs to be made online or over the phone .

Looking for a cheap kayak?

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