How is the kayak packaged?

Kayaks come wrapped in a bubble wrap and plastic sheet. You don't need another padding to carry the Kayak.

Do the Kayaks stack on top of each other?

Yes, the kayaks can stack on roof racks.
We recommend travelling with them upside down and no more than two large kayaks or three small kayaks on a roof rack.
Please always check the capacity of your roof racks before loading your kayaks.

Will a kayak fit inside of my SUV or wagon?

We recommend folding the back seats down and the front seat forward and measuring the distance.

Our specifications tabs on the product page will give specific measurements.

Can you transfer stock between warehouses?

All of our warehouses have their own stock, which we are unable to transfer between warehouses.

If the warehouse is out of stock. The kayaks will either have a pre-order ETA or be on backorder and you will be able to set up a Notify Me notification for when the warehouse receives stock.


Does it come with the paddle and seat?

Our standard kayak packages come with A paddle, A seat and a Paddle leash as standard.

Please check the kayaks product page for the most to date packages and pricing.

What is the weight capacity?

You can see all weight capacities in the "Specifications" section on our description.

Max user weight refers to the person's weight when using the kayak.
Max weight capacity refers to the total weight of the user and gear distributed along the whole kayak.

What have you got in stock?

All of our stock can be found on our main page,

On sale = In stock ready for Click and collect.

Pre-sale = Not currently in stock, will be ready for collection from advised date.

Out of stock = Not currently in stock, ETA 6-8 Weeks.

Please note the ETAs shown are just estimates and not exact dates.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours for all warehouses can be found at our contact us page.

Where are you located?

All of our warehouse locations and opening hours can be found on the contact us page.

Can I come in and view the kayaks?

Our warehouses have a limited number of kayaks on display. 

To find out what kayaks a warehouse has on display please contact us via email or our chat function on the website for an up to date list.

Where can I find feedback/reviews about your kayaks?

Our feedback can be found on a few platforms.

For example, some of our customers have written on:

Facebook -

Google - Google Reviews

Product Review -

What is the best way to load a kayak?

You can turn the kayak upside down and tie it down with two straps on either side on top of normal roof racks.

We do have systems such as K-Rack and Rack & Roll, that can help with loading the kayak onto the roof.

Are the kayaks measured with the seat installed?

The measurement on our website is without the seat installed.

Where are your kayaks made ?

Our kayaks are designed in Australia, manufactured in China however the plastic is imported from the UK.

How to find the hull thickness of the kayak?

Kayak hull thickness is 4-5mm for all Puffinn, Osprey, Nextgen 9 , Nextgen 10 and Eagle.

Does the Nextgen 10 really need a rudder? Can I leave the rudder off?

The rudder really does help, but its not essential .

The rudder comes assembled on the NextGen10 kayak, you can choose not to deploy it or not.

Which kayak is best for teenagers for leisure ?

Our Osprey or NextGen kayaks would suit best, we have plenty of customers that still use fishing kayaks for leisure .

Can I use the Double Kayak alone?

The Tandem kayaks are able to be used with a single person and there are two options for this

1. You can place one of the seats in the centre of the kayak. For the Eagle and Merlin kayaks that is the soft seat. For the Triton, the aluminium framed seat will fit in the centre.

2. You can sit in the back seat of the kayak but you will need to counterbalance the front with something with some weight such as a full cooler box.

Which kayak is better to take the dog ?

We recommend the Nextgen 1+1 as there is dedicated space for a child or dog.

They can be found here:

Which double kayak (with child seat) is the best all rounder for lakes and rivers?

We recommend the Merlin as the best all-rounder for lakes, rivers, bays and Esturays

Can the osprey kayak be stacked on top of nextgen 9 on roof rack for transport ?

Yes the Osprey and NextGen9 can stack, the Nextgen first then the Osprey ontop.

How long does it usually take to get a notice after payment that the order is ready to collect

Kayaks in stock are ready for immediate pickup, you usually receive all pickup information the next busniess day morning.

How long will you keep my kayak after ordering?

We can understand things happen, we can hold the kayak for upto 2 weeks from order date.

If you think you may take longer please feel free to contact us.

Do aluminium seats fit on the standard Osprey kayak?

Yes, The Aluminium Vantage Seat can fit in the Osprey kayaks. 

To check if your Osprey Kayak is compatible with the Aluminium Vantage Seat look for the bungee strap located under the seat.

If this is pre-installed on your kayak it will fit.

Please note: The Aluminium Vantage Seat will block the centre hatch from being able to used during your trip.

Do you sell the third seat for the double kayak?

We do sell the middle seat for our double kayaks.

For the Merlin and the Eagle the extra seat can be found here:

For the Triton, the extra seat can be found here:

Do you sell Petrol motors?

We do not sell petrol motors.

What are the kayaks made from?

The majority of our kayaks are made from HDPE with the exception of the PedalKing range which is made from LLDPE.

What do HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE stand for?

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is softer and more flexible than HDPE. It also has a lower melting point (115° C) and is more transparent. Compared to HDPE, it is more likely to crack under stress.
  • Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a copolymer of ethylene and another longer olefin, which is incorporated to improve properties such as tensile strength or resistance to harsh environments.
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is rigid and durable and offers greater chemical resistance. Its higher melting point (135° C) allows it to withstand higher temperatures than LDPE. Its more crystalline structure also results in greater strength. It also has greater opacity which results in greater vibrancy and longer-lasting colour.