How much is the delivery?

To find out delivery charges, please visit the kayak page and below the add to cart option, you will be able to see a box to enter the postal code.
Enter the postal code, select the suburb and click on calculate shipping.
It will show the delivery charge.

This can also be done on the checkout page.

How long does delivery take?

Most deliveries are completed within 2-3 business days. But naturally, some delays can happen and extend this time. We do our best to let you know about these delays as soon as they happen.

How do I pay for delivery?

Once you have received a quote from us, the delivery cost can be paid over the phone or online. To pay online please visit and follow instructions on that page.

It is a $1 item and you would need to increase the quantity to match the delivery cost.

What if you cannot deliver to me?

If we cannot freight to your location, you are able to organize your own freight to collect and deliver.

If you were wanting to do this we can organize for the kayak to be wrapped and ready for transport.

We can also attach any labels you may need onto it.