I bought a Kayaks2Fish kayak due to price compared to a Dragon kayak, which I was considering .......half the price .....could buy two :) I am 6''1" and 95kg with long legs and fit with an inch to spare before the back board. The rear flush rod holders were an initial concern with my long arms and all with a paddle stroke, but testing on the water proved I cannot hit my rods with an awkward elbow. Plenty of freeboard and the only water that entered was a dribble now and then from paddling and dragging wet feet in and out ..... nothing a sponge wont fix! I can easily turn in the seat and sit side saddle with legs in the water. Havn't tried standing in it yet (winter atm) though I am sure it will be possible if you have average balance. Love the colour, Moss Camo, stable enough for me, moves along well, can't fault it really. For fishing around the Mary river and local creeks the length makes it easy navigating tight snag piles etc. If you are interested in a cheap kayak and are debating the cost over quality, be not afraid of diving in. All is well with these kayaks and the accessories are are fairly priced. I will buy another for my wife when finances allow me, the pink camo, looks sweet.