K2F NextGen Rudder System V1 [Delivered]

Fits NextGen 9, NextGen 10 Kayaks

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NextGen Rudder System V1 - Kayaks2Fish

  • Foot control system designed base rod and rotating pedals.
  • Steering system designed rudder blade and connecting support.
  • Use the foot control to achieve the effect of the transformation of rowing and change direction.
  • Designed for NextGen 9 & NextGen10 kayaks (Not NG10 MKII Kayak)
  • Only when using rudder and foot brace together can control the direction of kayak.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Kayak Rudder Blade Set
  • 2 x Foot Brace Rails
  • 3 x Foot Braces With Toe Control
  • 1 x Rudder deployment cable with bungee
  • 2 x Rudder steering cables
  • 1 x Rudder deployment ball


Brand Kayaks2Fish
Weight 1.50kg


Where can I find instructions to install a rudder system?

The rudder installation video can be found here: https://k2f.com.au/s/cg6


How does the steering work?

There are 2 types of rudder systems.

With Foot pedals - The bottom section of the pedal is fixed to provide a sturdy footrest area, and the top section is where kayak users can apply pressure
With hand control - Simply turn the handle left or right to turn into that direction or keep the handle straight to track straight.

Does a rudder help?

The rudder helps you track straight in the water and also helps you turn well without having to use the paddle to turn the kayak. It is not essential but it does help in certain situations such as:

When you are drifting you can use it to keep you facing the right way.
It can help you track straight when paddling.

Do double kayaks have a rudder system?

The Triton double seater kayak comes with a hand-controlled Rudder system.
The Merlin does not come with a rudder system and does not have the option to install a rudder system.

What kayaks come with a rudder system?

Rudder systems are included or are optional extras for some kayak models. This will be listed on our product description of the kayak model.


Will your rudder system fit my kayak?

Our rudder systems that we sell are designed to match our kayaks2fish kayaks. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that it will fit other brand kayaks.


Where can I purchase a rudder system?

Our NextGen 9 / NextGen 10 kayak rudder systems can be found here: https://k2f.com.au/s/cg7

Our NextGen 1+1 & 10 MKII Rudder System can be found here: https://k2f.com.au/s/cg8


Can the Rudder be installed on a kayak after purchase?

Yes, the rudder system can be installed after the purchase on all applicable kayaks.


Do you install the rudder system?

Sorry, we do not provide installation services.

Please refer to the installation video here: https://k2f.com.au/s/cg6

What's the best value kayak with a rudder system and a pedal drive?

Our best value foot-propelled kayak is the NextGen 11. This features a hand-operated, under stern rudder blade.

It can be found here:https://k2f.com.au/s/cg9

Does the Nextgen 10 rudder system fit the Nextgen 9 kayaks?

Yes, Both the Nextgen 10 and Nextgen 9 use the same rudder system.

Is a 'rudder system' the same as a trolling motor? Does it propel the kayak?

A rudder is only for steering a kayak and does not propel the kayak. A trolling motor is for propulsion.

If I want to stack the kayaks on top of each other should I remove the rudder?

We recommend removing the rudder tail and storing it in the rear storage areas stacking the kayaks as that will avoid any damage.

Does my kayak come with the rudder pre-installed?

Fixing the tail is only required. If you purchase a rudder system separately you will need to assemble the product. However, we do send a detailed instruction video on how to assemble.

How do I deploy the Rudder Blade on NG10, NG10 MKII, NG09, NG1+1, Triton or Kronos?

Pull the Rudder Deployment Cable (black thick rope) toward the bow by grabbing the red Rudder Deployment Ball, which will provide extra grip. Ensure that the Deployment Cable is not in the Rudder cable cleat while pulling. Once the Rudder Blade is fully deployed, only then can you slot the Rudder Deployment Cable into the rudder cable cleat to keep the Rudder Blade in place.

Friendly-tip: The easiest way to deploy the Rudder Blade is to pull the Rudder Deployment Cable in one strong motion instead of pulling it slowly.

What accessories have to be removed from the NextGen 10 to enable stacking? Just the rudder? Or all the tracks etc as well?

Just the rudder can be removed and the kayaks can be stacked upside down on top of each other. It is also recommended to remove the drainage plugs, seat, paddle and swivel rod holder, if you are loading the kayaks, upside down.

Do I need to buy any extra hardware to install the rudder?

The rudder system comes with all the necessary hardware including bolts, etc, to fit on Kayaks2Fish kayaks.

Are all the rudders on your kayaks the same?

There are two types of rudder system.

Foot pedals - The bottom section of the pedal is fixed to provide a sturdy footrest area, and the top section is where kayak users can apply pressure with their foot to steer the rudder.
Hand control - Simply turn the handle left or right to turn into that direction or keep the handle straight to track straight.
Some kayaks may have recessed fins underneath, which you should be mindful of when transporting the kayak. Pressure against or hitting the fin may cause damage.

PLEASE NOTE: Different models may use slightly different components. Please check our website for the correct rudder system if purchasing separately.

Will removing my rudder void my warranty?

No, removing the rudder system will not void the warranty as long as you cause no damage to the kayak.

PLEASE NOTE: Some screws may be self-tapped in, so if it is removed, there will be holes where the screws were placed. Therefore, if these holes are not covered, the kayak will take in water if water reaches the holes.

What is the plastic tube at the back of the kayak?

It is to stop the cords from rubbing against the kayak and fraying.

My plastic tube is coming out is this a problem?

This is normal and you can press it back against the hole.