How is the kayak packaged?

Kayaks come wrapped in a bubble wrap and plastic sheet. You don't need another padding to carry the Kayak.

Do the Kayaks stack on top of each other?

Yes, our Kayaks are designed to stack on top of each other. You can stack up to three Kayaks on top of the car roof safely.

Will a kayak fit inside of my SUV or wagon?

All of our kayaks upto 3m normally fit inside of a SUV or Wagon.

This is only if your rear seats fold down, aswell with your front seat tilted back and headrest off.

Do I need a lifejacket?

Rules in your state may be different to others however we always recommend using a life jacket, mandatory or not.

Do you transfer stock between warehouses?

All of our warehouses have their own stock, we do not transfer between warehouses.

If the particular warehouse is out of stock we will have a Pre-Sale for the ETA of the kayaks. If no Pre-Sale is present we do not have an ETA.

Does it come with the paddle and seat?

All of our kayak packages come with a seat and paddle.

To find what is included in our packages please see the "Package Includes:" section on our description

What is the weight capacity?

You can see all weight capacities in the "Specifications" section on our description.

Where can I find my order number?

Your order/invoice number can be found on the top right hand corner of your receipt.

Please have this handy when contacting us.

What have you got in stock?

All of our stock can be found on our main page,

On sale = In stock ready for immedate collection.

Pre-sale = Not currently in stock, will be ready for collection from advised date.

Out of stock = Not currently in stock, no ETA on when more may arrive.

My order says dispatched, am I picking up or is it being delivered?

All of our prices are pick up only unless you have paid extra for delivery.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours for all warehouses can be found at our contact us page.

where are you located?

All of our warehouse locations can be found on the contact us page.

Can I come in and view the kayaks?

Most of our warehouses have a Demo model you can view, please note all models or colours may not be available.

Warehouse locations can be found at our contact us page.

Can my fiend pickup on my behalf?

Agents or persons picking up on your behalf must have a copy of your invoice and order number.

Where can I find feedback/reviews about your kayaks?

Our feedback can be found on a few platforms.

For example, some of our customers have written on:

Facebook - here

Google - here

Product Review - here

What is the best way to load a kayak?

You can turn the kayak upside down and tie down with two straps on either side ontop of normal roof racks.

We do have systems that can make carting the kayak safer and easier.