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Made from Premium Virgin (not Recycled) Roto Moulded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic imported from the UK. HDPE is far superior in strength and durability than LLDPE.
Made from UV8 Stabilized plastic, perfect for Australian conditions. UV8 means protection for a total of 8000 hours. Given 6-8 hours of UV exposure a day, the Kayak colour and strength will last for 1000 days approximately. That’s equivalent to 3 years of use every single day. Please note the UV index varies based on the location.
Aquadynamic shape with a V-shaped hull underneath, both in front and back, to ensure kayak tracks straight and move faster with less effort. Engineered with greater attention to chine and rocker parts of the Kayak to provide greater stability under choppy conditions.
Ideal for both recreational and fishing purposes. Kayak is best suited for lakes, rivers, dams, estuaries and harbours. With these Kayaks, you can go where bigger boats can't such as kelp beds, reefs, mangrove shallows, coast cliff lines.
Lightweight Kayak with weight just 20 Kgs, easier to handle by just one person. Load capacity of 150Kgs; a result of better design and use of a premium material.
Luxury Seat which is reinforced to provide superior back support also comes with a bonus storage bag attached at the back.
9 Inch water-resistant storage hatches with a removable protective bag to keep valuables safe.
Specially designed groove with brass bolt inserts, at the rear storage area, to easily install the motor bar and trolling motor.


Brand Kayaks2Fish
Weight 20kg