K2F Kayak Outrigger/Stabilizer Kit [Colour: Grey Camo] [Delivered]

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*Above video(s) for demonstration purposes only, please take necessary precautions while on the water


Kayak Outrigger Stabilizer Floats Kit Grey Camo - Kayaks2Fish

New & Improved 2022 Kayaks2Fish Outrigger Kit

A Kayak outrigger is used to add stability to your sit-on-top kayak and is a great accessory when using your kayak for fishing. Kayak Stabilizer floats allow you to stand up to cast and land your catch an also adds safety when using a trolling motor.

Each float comes with built-in 6-inch storage compartment giving you more space to store your gear.

The double floats are attached towards the rear of the kayak using built-in rod holders so that they do not impede your paddling stroke. The whole kit can be removed for transport and storage.

Outrigger Kit includes:

  • 2 x floats with 6-inch storage hatch
  • 2 x side rails
  • 2 x D-Ring
  • 2 x Drainage plugs
  • Connecting aluminium poles
  • Mounting kit with screws & nuts to connect the floats to motor bar mounting position on the back of kayak which is available by default with our current Osprey 9, NG9, NG10, NG10 MKII, Eagle & Triton Kayak. (Additional mounting brackets sold separately for other kayaks that does not have mounting position on the back)
  • Option to connect the 2 floats to tag-along storage port using conversion kit

Float dimensions:

  • Length: 95cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Depth: 26cm

Available in following colours:

  • Blue Camo
  • Sky Blue
  • Grey Camo /Arctic
  • Desert Camo
  • Jungle Camo
  • Aussie Gold
  • Red Camo

Please note: Kayaks & electric motor setup shown are not included. The connecting aluminium pole comes with 1 set of pre-drilled holes. Minor modification needed (drilling holes to fit the distance between 2-rod holders) to fit your kayak model.


Brand Kayaks2Fish
Weight 8kg


What is the main purpose of the outrigger?

The outriggers main goal is to improve the primary stability, meaning it will reduce the side to side rocking and diminish the chance of rollover.
In doing this, it makes it much easier to stand up in your kayak and helps out what you cast your rod etc.

What is the difference between the V1 outriggers and the V2 outriggers?

V1 is the first version of the outrigger mould and does not come with the embossed logo or track system installed.

What is the difference between the inflatable outrigger and the solid outriggers?

The inflatable outriggers are made from a PVC material whereas the solid outriggers are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is tougher than the inflatables.

Can I use a trolling motor with the outriggers installed?

You can purchase a motor block that can be installed directly onto the outrigger bars. It can be found here:
An alternate option is to use the multi-use mounting bar to mount the motor. Which can be found here: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/Multi-use-Kayak-Trolling-Motor-Bracket-Mount-Bar-Fishing-Platform

Do outriggers increase the kayak weight capacity?

Outriggers improve the primary stability of a kayak, however, it does not increase weight capacity.

Are the hatches on the solid outriggers waterproof?

The storage hatches are water-resistant, not waterproof.
We recommend using drybags that are waterproof and floatable.
Which can be found here: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/Orca-10L-Lightweight-Sling-Dry-Bag-with-Window

How tough are the outriggers?

The inflatable outrigger is made of durable PVC material and built for the convenience of transporting, it is recommended to avoid impact and use with care.
For use in harsher conditions like shallow creeks or rivers with many submerged objects, the solid HDPE outrigger is what we recommend as they have thick HDPE plastic walls.