Kayak Trolling Motor - 50lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor and Mounting Kit

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50lb thrust, 12 volt, electric trolling motor by Poer, includes mounting bar.

Designed to mount behind the seat of our fishing kayaks. Can be installed on the left or right hand side of the kayak.
Easy to mount and use. Extendable tiller arm (for steering). Shaft length 42" with adjustable draw (depth under water).
Designed for salt water use. Strong corrosion resistant, impact resistant aluminium alloy main shaft.

Battery not included.

Recommended for use with a 12-volt 25-35AH DC sealed battery. More than 1 Battery may be required for longer operation. This motor is heavier and requires a larger battery for a similar run time as our 28lb motor, which is recommended for this size kayak.
Motor unit weight: 10kg Mounting bar weight: 1kg
Please remember kayak weight capacity is reduced when using trolling motor and battery.

This Motor Mount Bar is designed for use with Electric Trolling Motors with a maximum thrust of up to 54lb, any use by a motor with a greater power rating then 54lb thrust may cause a critical failure of the mount bar, and subsequent damage or loss of both the mount bar and motor.


Brand Kayaks2Fish
Weight 12kg
Warranty 1 year